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Wilds to Riches is a documentary about the risks people take searching for treasure — in the 1860s and today.

We tell the story of the historical Gold Rush in western Canada’s Cariboo region, where rich discoveries turned names like Billy Barker and ‘Cariboo’ Cameron into legends, and and helped British Columbia become a Canadian province.

That old story is intertwined with the tales of a modern rush happening now in B.C. — fuelled by high gold prices. People are still panning and digging for gold, with the same hopes of striking it rich.

Will they succeed, or lose everything to gold fever?

Wilds to Riches was directed and produced by Jacy Schindel and Patrick Curling. It earned a 2014 Leo Award nomination for Best Screenwriting, and was narrated by CBC Radio’s Mark Forsythe.

Wilds to Riches premiered on CBC Television on July 6, 2013, and continued to air in 2014 with great ratings. DVDs are available for sale here, and at select locations across B.C.